Posted by: Joyce T | 3 June 2010

Airports and nursing working moms

I have to say I think I’m really fortunate that SFO is my home airport.  At least the United terminal has patient security personnel who treat moms traveling with a computer AND a baby and all the baby accouterments really well.

McCarran in Las Vegas has also been good about bringing milk through without a baby.  They were fine when I told them what I had. They ran it through security and moved me along.  They didn’t subject me to any extended security and were polite.  This is Vegas. Breast milk is tame.

I really don’t like Skyharbor airport in AZ (there’s AZ causing a fuss again…)  I was treated as though I was trying to smuggle hazardous waste rather than breast milk.  They wanted to open a bottle and test it which I politely but firmly declined.   They then told me that was my prerogative but turned around and took everything I had out of every  bag and subjected me and every object to a lengthy security check.  What did they find?  A very frustrated working mother and 6 bottles of breast milk.

I’ve traveled with my baby through Logan in Boston and O’Hare in Chicago and they’ve been fine although I’ve not had to take milk through.  My next stop – Dulles in DC at the end of this month.  Should be interesting.

I don’t have to do international until later this year but I hear it’s more challenging.  Fortunately my husband’s family is Italian and the Italians treat mothers and children rather well when traveling, so I’m less worried about it.  I will avoid London’s Heathrow as it’s one of those airports that pretty much guarantees misery no matter who you are or what your travel situation is.


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