Posted by: Joyce T | 16 June 2010

Further Travel Adventures of a Working Mom

I am about to set off for Washington DC for business travel.  I will be at a conference in a hotel all day – the same hotel I’m staying at, so pumping should be easy.  Or I will be at a company location.  I am fortunate enough to have my family traveling with me again, so my son will be with Daddy during the day, which will make things significantly simpler again.

I wanted to give a heads-up to other pumping Moms on some practical tips and experiences I’ve had.  I’ve been to a couple of one-day conferences in hotels where I had to pump at some point during the day.  The Hotel Nikko in San Francisco was great.  They loaned me the manager’s office for as long and as often as I needed it.  They were gracious and understanding.

I also had a lovely experience at the Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas.  I had borrowed a female colleague’s room to pump in.  She had requested a late checkout to give me time to use it.  Through a miscommunication, the room was cleared early along with my pump.  When I went to find out what happened, I found that housekeeping staff had treated my pumping paraphernalia well and with respect, and the hotel promptly found me another empty room to use and again made me feel welcome.  This was quite a pleasant surprise in Las Vegas!

With hotels, I usually approach the front desk first thing when I arrive, explain that I am a pumping mother and ask them what they recommend I do.  I explain the organization I am with and the event I am attending and I have yet to have any trouble.  Then I can plan pumping around the day’s schedule and get myself organized quickly.

Last month my company had their annual user conference – this time  in the Boston Convention Center.  It was a 10-15 minute walk back to my hotel (after a good 15 minute walk to exist the Convention Center) so going back to my room wasn’t practical, and I didn’t relish the thought of using the toilets (although they did have private handicapped facilities w/power outlets which would have worked in a pinch…)  Instead I checked with the information desk and they gave me a great suggestion – the First Aid room.  So moms, the next time you’re in a big convention center or other type of conference where hotel rooms are not an option, try the first aid center.  They were not surprised to see me, it was quiet and clean and it was really convenient to getting in and out and back to work.

Please feel free to share any experiences or tips you might have had with me.  I know I expected pumping on the road to be a lot more of a challenge than it has been, and I think it’s important to get the word out to Moms that it can be done and that there is actually a lot of support for you out there!!!!!!


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