Posted by: Joyce T | 29 May 2012

Still Excited about EMC World this Week…

Although I didn’t attend EMC World in person this year, I was able to watch the keynotes live over EMC TV.  Speaking in the Executive Briefing Center, it’s important for me to remain on top of the dialogue, as customers always want to know the latest when they come to visit with us.

I think it’s difficult to address everything at a conference such as EMC World.  The content tends to be split between very high-level messaging and then very deep dives on individual product families or solution sets. Connecting between the two really becomes highly contextual, based on individual customer needs – but that’s exactly what we do in the Executive Briefing Center! In the EBCs we are able to move back and forth, from the strategic level to the specifics of a customer environment and tie it together in a meaningful fashion.

The good news for our customers is that our message is iterative, evolving in a coherent manner. If you have liked what we’ve been up to at EMC, then you’re probably really happy about what we had to say this year. At the same time, the evolutionary parts of our message really are also really exciting – many of our customers are living the IT Transformation message and sharing their experiences with us, and the Big Data story has greater context now. As someone who cares about security and governance, it’s also good to see that Trust is becoming a clearer and more important part of our offerings and message as well.

I got to brief a federal customer at VMware’s EBC last week while most of my colleagues were still in Vegas. I shared some of the key messages and product updates. It was a good conversation with strong resonances between the messages that Pat Gelsinger and others articulated in their keynotes and things that the customer CIO was thinking about for his environment. 

As IT Transformation occurs, our customers are dealing with management and security issues on the technology side, but they’re also dealing with more people and process issues as the technology transformation allows them to have greater stakes in business conversations. From my viewpoint, the conversations are great because regardless of which subset of our products is relevant to our customer, the strategy is germane and cogent across the portfolio. It is also because we continue to learn so much from each customer, and that gets processed back into everything we do – continuing the process of refining our customer interactions.

It’s certainly a good time to be an EMC employee, but more importantly, I think it’s a really good time to be an EMC customer. 


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